Kitesurfing is an emerging and exciting sport that has become increasingly popular on the City’s beaches. Local, interstate and international visitors kitesurf at several popular beach locations within the City, particularly North Mullaloo and Pinnaroo Point, due to their great kiting conditions.

Kitesurfing achieves its greatest thrill in windy conditions and can therefore pose a risk to other beach users if not undertaken safely. As such, the City has established a designated kitesurfing area and exclusion zones to ensure the safety of all beach users. Signage along the City’s beaches indicate where kitesurfing can and can’t occur.

The basic rules are:

  • No kitesurfing in front of the exclusion zones within Mullaloo and Sorrento to a distance of 200m into the water
  • Rigging, launching and landing activities at Mullaloo must be undertaken within the designated kitesurfing area located between the exclusion zones
  • Look for the yellow bouys in the water for the western boundary of the exclusion zones and the yellow discs on the beach for the northern and southern boundaries.

For further information on kitesurfing safety, membership and insurance visit the WA Kitesurfing Association website.

To report a kitesurfing incident, please contact the City.