Recycling bin (yellow lid)

What you can put into your yellow lid recycling bin?

  • Clean rigid plastics – bottles and containers, plastic plant pots, rigid plastic containers, meat trays
  • Clean paper and cardboards – milk and juice cartons, magazines, newspaper, egg cartons, cereal boxes
  • Clean aluminium and steel – food, drink and pet food cans, metal pots and pans
  • Clean glass – (including broken glass) – food and drink bottles and jars

What you cannot put in your yellow lid recycling bin

  • Nappies and animal waste
  • Plastic bags and soft plastics
  • Organic waste – garden clippings, food waste
  • Electronic waste
  • Batteries
  • Medical waste and syringes
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Ceramics
  • Hazardous waste (paint and paint tins, chemicals, asbestos)
  • Liquids
  • Aerosols
  • Shredded paper
  • Bottle tops/lids
  • UHT containers.

Helpful tips

  • Keep recyclables loose and not in bags
  • Flatten cardboard boxes and squash plastic bottles and cans
  • Remove lids from all bottles, jars, containers – place lids in red lid general waste bin
  • Rinse items.

If your recycling bin was missed/ not emptied on your collection day please phone SUEZ on 9350 7196

Car battery and engine oil recycling

On your recycling day you can place 1 x car battery and/or 1 x 5L container of engine oil (in the original container) beside your yellow lid recycling bin for collection. Please place the item at the side of the bin.

Please Note: there is an interim change in the collection service as this is now completed by a separate provider to the bin collection truck.

*If your battery or oil is not collected by 5.00pm on the recycling bin day please phone customer relations on 9400 4255.


Search the waste disposal guide for more information on where to dispose of any waste item and to see what items go into which bin.