Strategic Community Reference Group

Established in 2012, the City’s Strategic Community Reference Group provides advice to the Council on matters of significant community interest and strategic initiatives, as determined by Council.

The group consists of community representatives and Elected Members and meets up to three times a year. Subject matter experts are also invited to provide expert advice on specific topics.

Recent topics of discussion have included:

  • Opportunities to support local business
  • Fostering community leadership within the City
  • Community engagement and communication
  • Strategic community plan major review
  • Volunteer recognition
  • Review of the City’s Waste Management Plan
  • Review of the City’s Bike Plan
  • Review of the City’s Environment Plan
  • Review of the City’s Community Development Plan
  • Review of the City’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan.

Elected Member Representatives

RepresentativeDeputy Member
Mayor Hon Albert Jacob JP (Presiding Member)-
Cr John ChesterCr Christine Hamilton-Prime (First Deputy Member)
Cr Russ Fishwick JPCr John Logan (Second Deputy Member)
Cr Christopher MayCr Russell Poliwka (Third Deputy Member)

Community Representatives

WardCommunity Representatives
North WardRoss Hollett
Graydon Smith
North Central WardLara Silbert
Karin Warwick
Central WardPeter Beaton
Ross Oxwell
South-West WardBrian Yearwood
Jo Stephens
South-East WardSelina Gates
David Healy
South WardSusan King
Tiffany Tonkin