Street tree planting

The City supports residents’ efforts in greening their streets and will supply and plant trees on residential verges free of charge at the request of the property owner.  If you would like the City to plant a street tree, please submit the application form below.

The City will supply and plant verge trees, one tree for standard (non-corner) properties; or up to three trees for corner properties (one on the short side of the property, two on the long side).

Residents can plant their own tree(s) on the verge with approval from the City and the species must be selected from the Preferred Street Tree Species list.  If you would like to plant your own street tree, an application form must be submitted.

Street trees that are to be planted by the City are planted each year during the winter and all application forms need to be received by 31 March of each year to ensure stock availability. Tree selection must be from the Preferred Street Tree Species list.  Applications received after 31 March will be planted in the following year’s planting program.

Street tree planting applications are subject to a site inspection.