Building verge permit applications

A building verge permit allows a builder to store building construction materials on a street, way or other public place behind a fence or hoarding. Materials may include bricks, timber, iron, site offices, and storage sheds.

A building verge permit does not include parking permission for construction site vehicles on a street, way or other public place. In this case, a Construction Site Parking Permit is required.

Building verge permits

A building verge permit may be required when there is little or no room for the storage of building materials on site due to the nature of the building design or the size of the lot.

Application requirements

When applying for a building verge permit, please ensure the following details are submitted:

  • A completed building verge permit application form
  • A site plan (two copies) to a scale no less than 1:200 indicating site boundaries, existing structures and any other site feature. The site plan must also show the proposed location and size of the hoarding
  • Where applicable, a Traffic Management Plan if not previously provided to the City

The application will be assessed and approval may be granted for the use of the street, way or public place, depending on the impact it may have on the local area and the community. Alternative use of another street, way or other public place, may also be agreed upon by mutual consent.


A verge permit costs $1.00 per month, or part of a month, for each m2 of the area of the street, way or other public place enclosed by any hoarding or fence.

Minimum dimensions on building verge permit application must be 4m by 2m.