Art Collection

Julie Dowling, Icon to a Stolen Child, Yalli Birri (Emu Girl), 2016

Mural Arts

The City’s Mural Arts Program aims to introduce a range of mural styles that reflect the diversity of the community’s aspirations and tastes.

It builds on and promotes the character and identity of the Joondalup region by running two annual programs:

  • Artist-driven mural programs, whereby an artist is commissioned to install a mural in reference to the location and the surrounding community. This is through a curated shortlisting process.
  • Community-driven murals involve engaging the community through programs such as the City’s Schools Connections Program in the design and installation of the mural.

Previous commissioned artists include Amok Island, Horatio T. Birdbath, Hayley Welsh, and Esty Nagy.

Image: ‘Rain Bird’, 2020 by Kerise Delcoure at Neil Hawkins Park, Joondalup

Falklands Park, Kinross
Edges by Darren Hutchens 2021

As part of the City’s annual Mural Arts Program, Darren Hutchens was commissioned to produce this mural Edges in December 2021. Edges responds to the theme of the Edge inspired by a collaboration with Edge Youth Centre, the coastal location, and local flora and fauna.