Building sustainable neighbourhoods

Building Sustainable Communities imageBuilding sustainable neighbourhoods is a strategic planning project being undertaken by the City of Joondalup. The project is reviewing the housing component of the City’s local planning strategy. This is a significant land use planning project which will be relevant to all residential areas within the City.

Population growth means our City needs to plan for approximately 20,000 additional homes in the City by 2050. With limited undeveloped space, the majority will need to be delivered as infill housing.

Population change, housing renewal, and infill development will result in change for our community and neighbourhoods.

Building sustainable neighbourhoods will make recommendations for how the City’s planning framework can best meet the City’s future housing needs and State Government dwelling targets, including:

  • What housing we need to meet community needs
  • Where different housing types and densities should be located across the City, and
  • The types of policy required to manage the form, sustainability, and liveability of future housing.

The project will identify, explore and develop planning recommendations for liveable streets and housing in the City of Joondalup across five project phases.

  • Phase one: This phase will identify the issues affecting liveability and sustainability of housing in the City, and develop the project scope and determine the scope of technical studies required to explore and resolve these issues.
  • Phase two: This phase will undertake the technical studies identified in the first phase. Informed by these studies and public participation, decision-makers will agree objectives and assumptions that will underpin the project.
  • Phase three: This phase will develop and explore options to resolve the identified issues. This will include potential locations for different types of infill. Options will be tested with the community and decision-makers.
  • Phase four: This phase will refine the preferred options, and develop supporting strategies. These will become the recommendations for the housing component of the City’s local planning strategy.
  • Phase five: This phase will follow the required statutory process for advertising and approval. This includes endorsement by Council, and approval by the Western Australian Planning Commission* and Minister for Planning* (*all planning documents must comply with state requirements to be approved).

The project is currently in its first phase: problem definition and scoping. As part of this phase, the City is commencing the project with consultation to understand and confirm housing issues that are affecting the community, so the review can properly investigate those issues.

The outcome of the first phase will be a confirmed scope for the rest of the review, including the range of technical studies that will inform the project. In this way, the scope of the review will be informed by community consultation.


The City wants to hear about housing issues affecting you.

If you are approached for a random survey about housing in the City, we encourage you to participate to help us understand which housing matters are important to you.

You can provide your thoughts on the issues affecting housing and liveability in the City of Joondalup, by completing the online form.

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The first phase of Building Sustainable Neighbourhoods is focussed on confirming the full range of housing issues for the project to investigate, and community feedback from the consultation will inform the appropriate scope of technical studies to be undertaken in subsequent project phases.

If you would like to understand the full range of consultation activities being undertaken in the first phase of consultation, you can view the Phase one Community Consultation Plan which was endorsed by Council on Tuesday 16 August 2022.

If you would like to understand the approach to community and stakeholder engagement for the project overall, you can view the project Stakeholder Strategy which was endorsed by Council on Tuesday 19 April 2022.

If you would like to receive direct invitations and updates about the project, join the stakeholder register.

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The frequently asked questions will guide you through relevant project information.

To learn more about planning systems and processes, review an Introduction to the Western Australian Planning System and a Glossary of Planning Terms.

The City’s project team is also available to discuss the project and answer questions.


Documents, reports and studies will be listed here as the project progresses and they are completed.

Scope: Local Planning Strategy Review

Scope: Building Sustainable Neighbourhoods Phase one

Building Sustainable Neighbourhoods Stakeholder Strategy

Phase one Community Consultation Plan





18 May 2021

Council agreed to bring forward the review of the housing component of the Local Planning Strategy to 2021/22.

(item CJ063-05/21 refers)


19 April 2022

Council endorsed:

  1. The project approach for the review of the City’s Local Planning Strategy
  2. The scope of works associated with the review of the City’s Local Planning Strategy
  3. The draft Stakeholder Strategy for the housing component of the Local Planning Strategy review.
  4. The scope of works associated with Phase one of the housing review.

(item CJ047-04/22 refers)


16 August 2022

Council endorsed the Phase one Community Consultation Plan

(item (CJ120-08/22 refers)


As noted above, building sustainable neighbourhoods follows a series of strategic planning projects regarding housing and infill. The following lists previous projects, and provides links with more information.

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