Abandoned shopping trolleys

Shopping trolleys taken outside of shopping areas can be hazardous and unsightly. Abandoned trolleys often:

  • Obstruct the road or footpath
  • End up in waterways, causing a build up of debris and restricting water flow.

Trolleys are the property of the store they are from and need to be reported to the correct company for collection; please take note of the company name on the trolley you wish to report.

How to report abandoned shopping trolleys

The City encourages community members to report all trolley sightings direct to their respective collection services. These services are solely dedicated to collecting abandoned trolleys and provide rapid deployment of collectors to remove trolleys shortly after they are reported. To report an abandoned shopping trolley, please refer to the below contacts:

Retailer Contact
Aldi Report to Aldi via the Aldi online form
1st Choice Liquor Stores
Report to Coles via:

Target 1800 163 900
Big W
Dan Murphy’s
 Report to Trolley Tracker via:

SpudShed Report to Supdshed via their online form

Unbranded trolleys or those for stores not specified above can be reported to the City of Joondalup by calling 9400 4000 or emailing info@joondalup.wa.gov.au.

Councils Role

The City of Joondalup’s Officers regularly locate, report, and impound abandoned shopping trolleys in line with the City’s Local Laws and will investigate any reports received.

Community Responsibilities

If you use a shopping trolley, it is your responsibility to ensure the trolley remains in the shopping centre precinct and return it to the designated trolley collection point. Leaving a shopping trolley in a public place or on the verge causing an obstruction is considered an offence under the Local Government and Public Property Local Law 2014.

Retailer Responsibilities

The Local Government and Public Property Local Law 2014 stipulates retailers must collect abandoned shopping trolleys within 24 hours of notification from the local authority. If the shopping trolley is not collected, the trolley may be impounded, and an infringement issued to the responsible retailer.