Caring for bushland

Actions you take when visiting bushland or within your own home and garden can impact on the health of our local bushland areas. Tips on caring for our bushland include:

When visiting bushland areas

  • Use available boot cleaning stations before entering and leaving the bushland to reduce the risk of spreading plant diseases
  • Do not clear vegetation and/or remove individual plants such as orchids from bushland areas
  • Keep dogs on a lead in bushland areas
  • Stay on pathways
  • Remove any litter you find. You could even organise or participate in a Clean Up Australia Day event for your local bushland
  • Report suspicious behaviour to the Police on 131 444 or if you see a fire phone 000.

In your home and garden

  • Plant a local native garden. Your garden can act as a stepping stone for important flora and wildlife
  • Be weedwise in your garden – learn about environmental weeds and garden escapees
  • Keep domestic cats confined to your property
  • Do not release helium balloons as balloon fragments can be ingested by animals
  • Dispose of waste responsibly – litter can be blown into bushland areas and be harmful to animals
  • If you are part of a community group or school you can apply for funding through the City’s Environmental Development Community Funding to undertake a project, event or activity that helps to protect the City’s bushland areas

You can find out more about how you can care for bushland in the Protecting our Natural Areas and Parks brochure.