Freedom of information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1992 the City is required to provide a general right of access to documents and records the City holds (although some documents cannot be accessed and are exempt). Documents and records that can be accessed can be either personal or non-personal records and documents.

Freedom of Information application requirements

All applications will require the following:

Enough detail to enable the requested documents to be identified (such as property address, subject matter, date range).

An Australian postal address and contact details (such as telephone number and email address). An application fee of $30.00 (for non-personal information). Other fees and charges may apply in processing the application. These will be identified once the application is received and processed. The City will consult with the applicant to keep them informed of any additional charges that may apply.

Lodging a Freedom of Information

Application to access personal information

Application to access non-personal information


If not lodged online, applications can be lodged in the following manner:

  • Post: Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 21, Joondalup WA 6919
  • Email (hard copy forms) to
  • Fax: 9300 1383
  • In person: City of Joondalup Administration, 90 Boas Avenue, Joondalup

Freedom of Information Statement

The Freedom of Information Act 1992 requires the City to publish an annual Information Statement. This guide to the City serves as that statement and as a reference to the City’s functions, responsibilities and information it holds.

This guide details the structure and function of the City, ways in which the public can participate in the City’s decision making processes and how the public can gain access to City documents.