The City’s public areas CCTV service has CCTV systems in a variety of public spaces throughout the City and operates these with the following aims:

  • These systems have been developed with the following aims:
  • Deterring criminal, anti-social and suspicious activities
  • Viewing and recording images of such activities in progress
  • Assisting with the management of factors that create a fear of crime
  • Supporting the investigations of authorised agencies, such as the WA Police, and providing them with images that can be used in prosecutions
  • Assisting the City with event coordination, emergency management, traffic monitoring and other activities in public areas.

The City cooperates closely with the State Government and WA Police on strategies to ensure CCTV is implemented and utilised in an effective and responsible manner.

The City’s public areas CCTV systems focus only on publicly accessible spaces and do not record private properties or activities. All recorded CCTV footage is stored securely and is not available to the general public unless ordered by a legal ruling or granted under the Freedom of Information Act 1992.

City of Joondalup and WA Police Memorandum of Understanding

In May 2016 a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by both the City of Joondalup and WA Police. The MOU outlines the understanding that the City will share CCTV data with WA Police to further enhance the safety and security of the Western Australian community. The MOU together with the inclusion of the public areas CCTV cameras on a state register ensures that WA Police and authorised agencies can have timely access to high value CCTV footage to support community safety and security initiatives.

Requesting CCTV images

Public Request – CCTV

Members of the general public will not have access to images retained in these systems unless such access is ordered by a legal ruling or via the request form.

Complete the Freedom of Information Request Form

Agency or Staff Member – CCTV

Authorised agencies, such as WA Police or City of Joondalup staff can request images from the City’s public areas CCTV cameras by completing the online request form.

Complete the Agency or Staff Member CCTV Request Form