Joondalup Design Reference Panel

The Joondalup Design Reference Panel is a Council-appointed panel of industry representatives from the Australian Institute of Architects, the Planning Institute of Australia and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. The panel provides external, independent design advice on development proposals in the City of Joondalup.

The role of the panel is to provide advice to the City on:

  • All new building development within the City Centre with the exception of all single houses and developments of less than 10 grouped or multiple dwellings
  • Major extensions to existing buildings in the City Centre that impact on the streetscape
  • Major buildings development outside the City Centre including:
    • all multiple dwelling applications
    • grouped dwelling applications of five or more dwellings
    • new commercial and / or mixed-use developments (excluding additions that do no significantly impact on the street or adjoining properties)
    • any other development that has the potential to significantly alter the streetscape, adjoining properties or character of the locality as determined by the Director Planning and Community Development

Assessment and advice will have a particular focus on the impact of the building on the streetscape and the environmentally sustainable design features of the building.

Note: Applications that are required to be determined by the State Government’s Development Assessment Panel (DAP) will be presented to the Panel for consideration prior to a comprehensive  assessment being undertaken in order to ensure DAP timeframes are satisfied so far as is possible.