Magpies – Swooping

August to November is nesting season for magpies and occasionally male magpies become territorial to protect their young and may swoop if they think the nest or offspring are in danger. If you are swooped by a magpie, stay calm, do not run and avoid looking towards swooping birds.

To assist residents and visitors, the City encourages the public to report incidents involving territorial magpies which will be added to a register and available on the City’s website.

Please use this information in planning your travels within the City.

The City is aware of swooping magpies in the following location/s:



Other information

Beldon Beldon Park
Craigie Warrandyte Park
Craigie Whitfords East Park Swooping wattlebird
Currambine Caledonia Park Eastern side of park
Duncraig Lorne Road/Macaulay Avenue Near Mitchell Freeway
Duncraig Melene Park Near toilets/changerooms eastern side of park
Greenwood Blackall Park Rear of 11 Calectasia Street
Iluka Burns Beach Park
Hillarys Hillarys Beach Park (Whitford Nodes Park)
Kingsley Buckhaven Court Outside 23 Buckhaven Court
Kingsley Forest Hill Park Corner of Whitfords Avenue and Kingsley Drive
Kingsley Legana Park Including western side of Gurian Gardens
Kingsley Twickenham Drive Near Leyton Court/Mitchell Freeway
Marmion Braden Park Northern side of park
Sorrento St Helier Drive Near West Coast Drive
Warwick Erindale Road Corner of Eddington Road
Warwick Sanday Place Near Hawker Park Primary School


To report territorial magpie locations, please contact the City on 9400 4255.

Further information can be found in the attached Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions fauna note for swooping magpies.