Traffic management for roads and events

Any party undertaking work within the City’s road reserve or responsible for organising an event that involves a change to the existing traffic environment should prepare a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and submit it to the City in advance of the work/event to allow for adequate time to undertake an assessment and authorisation.

Assessment duration

The minimum TMP assessment leads times are as follows:

  • Basic TMP Template – 10 business days
  • Non-Complex/Complex Template – 20 business days
  • Event TMP – 30 business days.


The following prescribed fees are to be paid at the time of lodgement:

  • Basic TMP Template – $329.00
  • Non-Complex/Complex – $725.00
  • Event TMP – $659.00
  • Acceleration Fee – $286.00*
  • Community Event (not for profit) – No charge.

All fees listed are GST inclusive.

*Acceleration fee applies to TMP applications not lodged within the prescribed assessment timeframe. Where applicable, the acceleration fee is applied on top of the fee for the selected TMP application type.

Submission requirements

All submissions must contain the following:

  • A TMP designed by a person holding a current Advanced Worksite Traffic Management (AWTM) accreditation from Main Roads WA and reviewed by a secondary person also holding a current AWTM accreditation
  • Any TMP involving complex traffic arrangements shall be reviewed and endorsed by a person holding a current Roadworks Traffic Manager (RTM) accreditation from Main Roads WA

The application is to be lodged online.

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