Shared paths and footpaths

There are three types of footpaths within the City with these being:

  • Footpaths
  • Shared paths
  • Principal shared paths.


These types of paths tend to be narrower than the other paths and are installed by the City in residential streets. To report any issues contact the City.

Shared paths

These types of paths are wider and cater for higher volumes of pedestrians and cyclists and generally connect to train stations and major City infrastructure. To report any issues contact the City.

Principal shared paths (PSP)

The path system that runs along the Mitchell Freeway from Hester Avenue, Clarkson to the Perth CBD is managed by Main Roads WA. To report any hazards or concerns on this pathway network, contact Main Roads WA.

Pathway etiquette

Cyclists and pedestrians are permitted on footpaths and shared paths and both users have a responsibility to be considerate to other path users. The following etiquette should apply when using paths in the City of Joondalup:

  • Cyclists need to lower their speed on busy pathways.
  • Pedestrians need to be aware of their surroundings and if listening to music, not have it too loud so they can’t hear a cyclist’s bell.
  • Cyclists to ride in single file on a shared path or footpath.
  • Pedestrians – keep your dog on a short lead so they don’t stray into a cyclists path.
  • Cyclists are required by law to have a bell on their bike.
  • Pedestrians to move into single file to allow for cyclists to get past safely and easily.

These are just a few things to consider. The Department of Transport provides some useful information on walking and cycling.