Briefing Sessions

On Tuesday 26 April 2022, the Premier announced that COVID public health measures will be eased in Western Australia.

From 12.01am Friday 29 April 2022 the following will apply to the Council Chambers and Civic Centre building:

  • Masks are no longer required however, will be encouraged where physical distancing is not possible.
  • Capacity limits will be removed.
  • Check-in requirements are no longer required.
  • Access doors to the Civic Centre Building will be no longer be locked prior to a public Briefing/Council meeting however, City Staff and Security staff will be present to provide assistance to members of the public and to ensure public safety is maintained.
  • Hand sanitiser will continue to be provided by the City and members of the public are encouraged to use it when required.
  • City staff will continue to clean the public microphone/lectern following each use.
  • Members of the public are encouraged not to attend a meeting should they feel unwell or if they have been in contact with a known Covid-19 case.

Briefing Sessions are used to inform Elected Members on the items of business that are to be presented and discussed at the following Council meeting. No decisions are made at Briefing Sessions although Elected Members may request additional information, or may request alternative wording for motions to be prepared for possible consideration at the Council meeting.

Briefing Sessions are open to the members of the public, and question and statement time is permitted. Questions and statements must relate to an item on the Briefing Session Agenda.

A member of the public may also request to make a deputation to the Elected Members relating to an item on the agenda. Deputations are received on the same evening as the Briefing Session at the commencement of the meeting.


The City provides an opportunity at a Briefing Session where members of the public may speak on an item listed on the agenda. A maximum of one hour will be set aside for all deputations at a Briefing Session.

A time period of up to 15 minutes is set-aside for each deputation that is approved by the Mayor (including time for Elected Member questions), however the Mayor may reduce this time set aside for each deputation, where the number of approved deputations would exceed the maximum one hour limit.

Any member of the public may request to make a deputation on a matter contained in the Briefing Session agenda (using the below on-line form) and all requests for deputations must be submitted by the close of business on the day prior to the Briefing Session.


Any visual presentations in support of an approved deputation (such as a PowerPoint presentation) must be received by the City by 12.00noon on the day of the Briefing Session. Confirmation should first be received by the City in terms of the approval of your request, as the allocated time may be reduced from 15 minutes.

Public question time

Residents and/or ratepayers of the City are able to submit up to five written questions on a matter listed in the Briefing Session agenda. All written questions must be lodged in writing by email by 9.00am on the day immediately prior to the Briefing Session. Answers to questions received within that timeframe will be provided, where practicable, in hard copy at the Briefing Session.

Any member of the public can ask up to two questions in person at the Briefing Session.

Please refer to the related information on public questions for further information.

Public statement time

Members of the public are also able to make a public statement for up to two minutes on any matter on the Briefing Session Agenda.

Please refer to the related information on public statements for further information.

For further information view the below procedures for Strategy Sessions, Briefing Sessions and Council / Committee Meetings.