Credit card payment surcharge

Credit cards are a convenient way for ratepayers to pay Rates and Charges, but the City incurs a substantial cost from card transaction fees passed on by the banks. As there are many ratepayers who choose not to pay by credit card, the City applies a 0.5% card payment surcharge for all rate, refuse (including any fee for Additional 240L Refuse Bin), ESL and swimming pool inspection payments made by credit card. This ensures that only those customers who pay using credit card facilities bear the cost of these charges. Please note that the other payment options available to ratepayers that do not incur a surcharge include cash, cheque, EFTPOS and BPay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the City charge a credit card surcharge?

Whenever a ratepayer uses their credit card to pay their rates (and associated charges), the City is charged a merchant service fee by the banks. The City incurs substantial costs in respect of these transaction fees. A credit card surcharge is applied so that only those ratepayers who choose to pay by credit card bear the cost of these merchant fees.

I have a Visa/Mastercard Debit card, do I get charged the surcharge if I use this to pay my rates?

If you select credit when using your Visa Debit card you will be charged the surcharge, however, if you choose savings the surcharge will not be applied.

If I use Paypass or Paywave to pay my rates, do I get charged the surcharge?

When using Paypass or Paywave or another similar contactless card payment method, the payment is processed via the credit processing mechanism and, therefore, will attract the surcharge.

Why is the surcharge being charged on Rates payments only?

The City currently limits the credit card surcharge to rates payments (and associated charges) since these result in the largest credit card transaction fees, in comparison to other City fees and charges.

If I do not wish to pay the credit card surcharge how else can I pay my rates?

The City provides other payment options which are listed on the back of your Rate Notice. These include BPay, over the counter payment at one of the City’s Customer Service Centres, via Australia Post or through an arranged Direct Debit from your bank account.

In 2019/20 the City introduced a new payment method which allows you to pay BPay using your credit card. This payment method will not incur a credit card surcharge, however, you may wish to check with your bank as to whether rewards points will be awarded for your transaction. To pay your account by BPay using your credit card, log into your internet banking, choose your credit card as the account to pay from and then pay the account using the Biller Code and Reference Number from your rate notice.