Deputations at Briefing Sessions

As part of the City’s open and accountable decision-making processes, members of the public are welcome to make a presentation (called a deputation) on a matter that may be listed on a relevant Briefing Session Agenda.

A time period of up to 15 minutes is set-aside for each deputation during Briefing Sessions. Elected Members’ may also ask speakers questions in relation to their deputation.

Any member of the public may request to make a deputation on a matter contained in the Briefing Session agenda and requests for deputations must be made and submitted to the City by 4.00pm on the Monday prior to the Briefing Session being held.

The Mayor considers all deputation requests and members of the public will be advised if their deputation has been approved and any conditions that may apply.

Deputation Request Form

For further information please view Briefing Sessions and Council Meetings Frequently Asked Questions.