Health and physical education

The City of Joondalup Leisure Centres offer a broad range of facilities and services for students and teachers.


  • Court sports and coaching clinics
  • Aquatic facilities
  • Group fitness
  • Partnership support

For further information contact City of Joondalup Leisure Centres.

Using City of Joondalup facilities

Community buildings, parks, beaches and tennis courts are available for use by schools.

  • It is recommended schools make a booking with the City for the use of its Parks (including those adjoining school grounds) for all normal school activities (PE, recess and lunch time access) and sports carnivals and events. Approval to conduct line markings requires permission from the City’s Community Facilities Bookings Officer
  • Schools are encouraged to book for the use of beaches and foreshore areas. Demand for these areas is increasing, and a booking will help to avoid clashes with other schools and/or organised groups

Fees and booking

The City provides discounted hire fees to all public schools.

For further information see Community Facility Hire.

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