Home open signs

Home open signs are considered by the City to be directional signage, used on the day of a home open, directing people to the listed premises.

Home open signs are:

  • Permitted from 9.00am on the day the property is open for inspection until one hour after the close of inspection time for this property
  • To include the address of the home open
  • To include the day and time of the home open.

Any longer period than this is considered advertising, not directional and may result in impounding of signs and infringements issued.

The portable direction sign must not be erected or placed:

(a) On a footpath; or

(b) In any location where, in the opinion of the local government, the sign is likely to obstruct a line of sight along a thoroughfare or create a hazard for any person using the thoroughfare.

An authorised person may remove or impound an advertising sign or portable direction sign that is in a thoroughfare or verge in contravention of this local law.