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The information below shows the current financial year’s Capital Works Program.

For a full list of future capital works please refer to the Five Year Capital Works Program.


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Capital Works – 2021/22 projects

School crossings

Children and school crossings provide safer crossing locations for students and their parents during peak periods where traffic volumes are high.

During school terms, wardens manage the crossings before and after school.

School Principals can apply for a warden crossing from the WA Police Children’s Crossing Committee.

It is a requirement that schools meet with the City to discuss the installation of new or existing crossings prior to an application being submitted.  It should be noted that City funding is limited and is subject to the City’s budgeting process.

Traffic Wardens are employed by the WA Police and receive appropriate training.  Contact the WA Police if you are interested in being a Crossing Warden.

Capital Works Program

The Five Year Capital Works Program provides detailed information on the City’s Capital Works Projects planned over the next five years. The program areas include:

  • Parks Development
  • Foreshore and Natural Areas Management
  • Parks Equipment
  • Streetscape Enhancement
  • Traffic Management
  • Parking Facilities
  • Major Road Construction
  • Paths
  • Storm Water Drainage
  • Lighting
  • Road Preservation and Resurfacing
  • Bridges and Underpasses
  • Building Construction Works
  • Major Projects

The Capital Works Program has been developed to ensure our existing infrastructure is sufficiently maintained and renewed and to anticipate emerging needs within the community. The program’s development takes into consideration community objectives, affordability and technical levels of service.

Projects listed in the first year of the program are approved by Council for budgeting purposes. Subsequent years in the program (years two to five) have been prioritised but are not confirmed until the budget year they are scheduled to commence.

Capital Works Mapping

Road resurfacing and road maintenance

The City has an annual program of works to resurface and preserve road infrastructure.

With over 1,000km of roads within the City and two-thirds of the budget being supported by external grant funding, a prioritisation process is required for the scheduling of works. This includes

  • Technical assessments (including external audits and annual inspections)
  • Alignment with other planned projects
  • External grant funding criteria

This process informs the priority works for the City’s Road Preservation and Resurfacing Program, which is contained within the 5 Year Capital Works Program.

To view works listed in the current financial year, please refer to the online Capital Works Mapping system.

If resurfacing works are not required in the short term, the City will continue to monitor the road surface to ensure the surface remains in a safe and useable condition prior to any future renewal works.

The following roads are managed by Main Roads WA. Please report faults on 131 818.

  • Mitchell Freeway, including the on and off ramps
  • Bridges over Mitchell Freeway
  • Bridges over the rail line
  • Wanneroo Road
  • Marmion Avenue, south of Ocean Reef Road

Maintenance of the westbound lanes of Beach Road is the responsibility of the City of Stirling.