City to Soon Roll Out Next Phase of Leafy City Program


The City of Joondalup will soon begin the next round of tree planting as part of the Leafy City Program.

From May through to August 2021, street verge trees will be planted in the suburbs of Kallaroo, Mullaloo, Beldon and Warwick.

The location of trees to be planted has been identified as ‘hot-spots’ via thermal mapping and tree-canopy surveying and is supported by the advice and planning of the City’s arborist, landscape architects and civil engineers.

Since the Leafy City Program was established in 2017, more than 3,600 trees have been planted across the City’s streetscapes.

Positive environmental impacts associated with the Leafy City Program include the reduction of ambient air temperature, cleaner air through the absorption of polluting gases, reduced cooling energy consumption costs and water savings through reduced evaporation rates.

The City will liaise with homeowners on preferred planting locations on street verges and take into consideration factors such as underground service infrastructure, traffic sightlines, tree offsets to the footpath/property boundary/kerb, pedestrian thoroughfare, and the overall alignment of trees in the street.

Letters will be sent out to all households taking part in the roll out of the next Leafy City Program phase, and City Officers will be visiting properties over the coming weeks to assess and mark proposed tree planting locations.

Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said in the four years since the Leafy City Program has been running, there has been overwhelmingly positive feedback from local residents.

“The City adopted this program as we recognised that street trees are an important natural asset which help to maintain liveable urban environments and provide aesthetic, economic and social benefits,” Mayor Jacob said.

“Increased leafy canopy cover in residential streets through tree planting helps to mitigate the environmental impact of climate change and rapid urban growth, and creates cooler, inviting green urban spaces.

“The future generation of Joondalup residents will reap the benefits of this exciting and visionary program which will change the look and feel of our City for the better.”

For residents in areas not included in the Leafy City Program and wishing to green their streets, the City will supply and plant tree/s on residential verges free of charge at the request of the property owner.