There are many sources of noise in residential areas.

Where noise is causing a problem, the best approach is often to speak with your neighbour and discuss your concerns. Your neighbour may not realise that there is a problem and the matter may be easy to resolve.

Where there are ongoing noise issues that cannot be resolved, the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 can apply. The City’s Environmental Health Officers can be contacted and asked to investigate the noise issue.

The types of noise issues often investigated include:

  • Playing loud music
  • Practising musical instruments
  • Party noise
  • Construction work occurring at unreasonable times
  • The use of lawn mowers or handheld tools at unreasonable times
  • Pool pumps, air conditioning units or other similar equipment
  • Intruder alarms.

Depending upon the source of noise, there are different requirements that can apply. For more information, please refer to the various website articles related to noise, displayed on the right hand side of this page.

Lodging a noise complaint

If noise is regularly disturbing you and you believe that the requirements for noise are not being met, you can ask the City to investigate the matter for you, by lodging a noise complaint with the City.

When lodging a noise complaint, you will be advised which Environmental Health Officer will be investigating your concerns and you may be asked to maintain a log identifying dates and times of the noise occurrences.

A noise complaint can be lodged using the online form Noise – make a noise complaint.

Assistance for noise while it is occurring

For assistance with noise that is currently occurring from anti-social activities, you may consider contacting the WA Police on 131 444. Please note that the WA Police must prioritise calls for assistance and they may not be able to attend.