Purchase a Local History Photograph

Picture Joondalup is an online collection of historical photographs representing a visual record of the history of the local area, from early settlement until the present day.


Images from Picture Joondalup may be used for research, study or personal purposes for free. If you would like to use Picture Joondalup images for other purposes eg in a commercial setting, please contact Local History.

Images for purchase

Digital copies of our photographs are available to purchase. Images can be provided on disc, emailed or posted (postage charges extra). Images are 300dpi up to a size of 1MB.


Picture Joondalup 1st Image Additional Image(s) Inc. research and copyright
Personal Use $8.00 $2.50 No
Commercial Use $30.00 $15.00 Yes


Choose your images by searching within the Picture Joondalup collection, then fill in the Picture Joondalup online order form or contact Local History staff.


Members of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori communities are advised that Picture Joondalup may include images or names of people now deceased.

Libraries | Picture Joondalup Photograph Order Form
  • 1. Contact Details

  • 2. Copyright Statement

  • Under the Copyright Act 1968, it may be necessary to obtain permission from a copyright owner for certain types of usage of material – including photographs. Although copyright may no longer subsist in pre 1965 photographs held by the Library, permission must still be sought from these organisations before reproducing them. Some photographs may not be available for copying due to copyright restrictions. The Local History Library staff will contact you if there are any issues relating to copyright of the image/s you have requested.

    Picture Joondalup by The City of Joondalup is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia License
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  • 4. Declaration

  • I, the above requestor, understand and acknowledge that by placing this order, copies of the images from Picture Joondalup are provided for private study and research only and are not to be reproduced without prior permission from the City of Joondalup.
  • 5. Payment and Collection

  • When your photographs are available for collection a Local History Library Staff member will contact you to discuss payment and delivery options.