Joondalup Library 25

Joondalup Library celebrates 25 years


On 13 July 1997, Joondalup Library opened its doors for the first time after 20 months of construction. This July the City celebrates your Library’s 25 year milestone. To commemorate the occasion, Joondalup Library is offering a stylish new library card for members who join at Joondalup Library. This is a limited edition print run, so cards will only be available for a short time.

The card features the work of local artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers who designed and painted the beautiful mural in the Joondalup Library Children’s area.

Members who join at other branches during the celebrations can choose from four membership card designs plus a brand new card featuring the Western Australian native, Eucalyptus Kruseana (Bookleaf Mallee).

About Kyle Hughes-Odgers

Kyle Hughes-Odgers is a multi-disciplinary Australian Visual Artist. You may have seen his wonderful silo artwork in Merredin.

His work is inspired by nature, the built environment, human behaviour, and how these subjects intersect. Kyle expands on these ideas by exploring colour, abstraction, form, line, and incorporating narrative where relevant.

He has been exhibiting his work since 2005 including solo exhibitions in Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, The United States and Austria.

In addition to his exhibition works, Kyle has created artwork / murals in 12 countries and has 6 children’s books published in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, China and Turkey. Explore his gallery of work here.