Impounded cats

Cats may be impounded if they are found wandering in public areas or are on private property without the owner’s consent.

If there is no means of identifying an owner the City will take the cat to the RSPCA Animal Shelter in Malaga.

To avoid your cat being impounded:

  • Contain your cat on your own property
  • Keep your cat in at night
  • Fit the cat with a collar displaying a council registration tag
  • It is recommended that a name tag with owner’s contact name and number is attached to the cat’s collar.

If your cat is impounded:

  • There will be an impound fee payable prior to the release of your cat
  • If your cat is not registered, sterilised or microchipped there is a requirement to have this done prior to its release
  • Penalties may also apply for an unregistered cat.