Responsible cat ownership

Before you purchase a cat ensure that you have carefully considered the responsibilities that go with cat ownership

  • Speak with your local veterinarian
  • Speak with other cat owners
  • Gather as much information as you can to aid you in your decision
  • Never buy a cat on impulse – cats often live to around 12 years of age or older

Owners basic responsibilities

  • Your cat must be registered sterilised and micro-chipped from the age of six months
  • Your cat must wear a collar displaying council registration tag
  • It is recommended you include a name tag with owner’s name and contact number attached to the cat’s collar
  • Contain your cat to your own property
  • Keep your cat indoors at night

Registration, sterilisation and microchipping assists with:

  • Reuniting lost cats with owners
  • Reducing the large numbers of cats euthanised each year
  • Better control and management of stray and unwanted cats