Literacy for beginner readers

Joondalup libraries’ Beginner Reader collection supports your child while they’re learning to read with books that are age and ability appropriate, as well as entertaining. Each level is designed to gradually increase your child’s reading ability and confidence. Being at ease with letters, sounds, and words is an important foundation for learning throughout life and reading with your child each day will help them to become great readers.

This specially chosen collection is found in your library’s junior reading area. Each reading level is given a coloured star, making it easy to browse and choose books to meet your child’s reading abilities.

Red Star

Starting to read – Simple repetitive words with lots of colourful illustrations.

Blue Star

Reading with help – Simple sentences with more complex words to increase your child’s vocabulary and confidence.

Yellow Star

Reading independently – Chapter books with small paragraphs and less illustrations.

Green Star

Reading proficiently – More challenging stories with longer chapters and engaging characters and plots to challenge your child’s growing interests.

Moving ahead

Once your child has developed their reading abilities and confidence, there are thousands of fiction and nonfiction books, eBooks, audiobooks, comics and magazines for them to choose from in the dedicated junior area of their library or online through the kid friendly website for Overdrive and Borrowbox.

More help?

If you need help finding books suitable for your beginner reader or reluctant reader, don’t hesitate to ask the library staff for recommendations.