Approved structure plans, activity centre plans and local development centre plans

Structure PlanMap LinkAdditional Information
Burns Beach Local Structure PlanView MapFor development within the Northern Residential Precinct, refer to the Burns Beach Local Development Plan
Craigie High School Site Structure PlanView Map
Currambine District Centre Structure PlanView Map
Currambine Structure PlanView Map
Greenwood Local Structure PlanView Map
Hillarys Structure PlanView Map
Iluka Structure PlanView Map
Kinross Neighbourhood Centre Structure PlanView Map
MacNaughton Crescent Structure PlanView Map
Marmion Structure PlanView Map
Sheppard Way Structure Plan
Activity Centre PlanMapAdditional Documentation
Joondalup Activity Centre PlanView Map
Sorrento Activity Centre PlanView Map
Approved Scheme Amendment No. 77

Approved Scheme Amendment No. 79
Warwick Activity Centre Plan
Whitfords Activity Centre PlanView Map
Local Development Plan
Burns Beach Local Development Plan
Currajong Local Development Plan
Greenwood Local Development Plan
Iluka Local Centre Development Plan No. 1
Iluka Local Centre Development Plan No. 2
MacNaughton Crescent Local Development Plan
Other PlansAuthority Responsible
Burns Beach MasterplanCity of Joondalup
Hillarys Boat Harbour Management Plan - Endorsed 31 May 2018 Department of Transport

Joondalup Activity Centre Plan

The Joondalup Activity Centre Plan (JACP) is a strategic planning document developed by the City of Joondalup, provides guidance on the development of the city centre over the next ten years, and was approved by the WAPC on 23 October 2018. The JACP has replaced the Joondalup City Centre Development Plan and Manual and the draft Joondalup City Centre Structure Plan. The JACP is split into six separate precincts:

  • City centre
  • Health and wellness
  • Learning and innovation
  • Joondalup edge
  • Joondalup west
  • Lakeside residential.

The development requirements are different in each precinct, taking into account the context, existing land uses and development potential. The JACP document comprises three parts, being:

  • Part One – Implementation that identifies the JACP area, objectives for each precinct and the development requirements.
  • Part Two – Explanatory Section provides a summary of the vision, context and technical analysis, providing the rationale for the development requirements contained within Part One.
  • Technical appendices:
    • Economic Development Plan
    • Transport Impact Assessment
    • Bushfire Management Plan

Building or starting a business in the Joondalup City Centre

If you are looking to start a business or building in the Joondalup City Centre, you will need to look at the requirements of the JACP. For example:

  • Moving into an existing tenancy may require you to get approval to change the land use, such as changing the use of a tenancy from restaurant to an office. Refer to Starting a Business for further information on approval requirements for starting a business.
  • Building in the Joondalup City Centre will require you to design in accordance with the development requirements for the precinct.

This includes standards that generally relate to:

  • Minimum and maximum building heights
  • Setback of the building to the street, side and rear lot boundaries
  • The minimum and maximum building height of any development
  • The amount of car parking required
  • Vehicle access points
  • Open space and landscaping
  • Street interface

For large scale developments, early engagement with the City’s Planning Services is encouraged.